scott.jpgHello! My name is Scott Renk and I am an art teacher at Mary Phillips High School, where I have been teaching for eight years. Through this job I have learned that art can change the course of the most downtrodden individual in a more positive and meaningful way. I am also an artist and animator who has had the good fortune of having my films screen at film festivals worldwide, even winning best film. I am self taught in the world of animation, preferring to create hand drawn and stop motion animation. I have goals of creating much more art and animation, and of creating more programs to reach At-Risk individuals and help them achieve their true potential.
Awards and Honors:
Winner grand prize "Best Film" for my film "Baron" at the 3 Minute Film Festival Sante Fe, New Mexico.Best in show 2011 for my animation "Godzilla" for the "Monster Mash" art show at the Visual Art Exchange.Film screenings:Festivus Film Festival 2012 Denver, Co. Animation Project 2012, Atlanta Underground Film Festival 2011 San Francisco Frozen Film Festival 2011 Filmspark 2011 BYFF Film Festival, Los Angeles 2011 Famous Monsters of Filmland Film Festival 2011, 3 Minute Film Festival , Santa Fe, New Mexico 2010, Carrboro Film Festival 2010, Filmspark 2010

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Member: CAM Raleigh Teacher Advisory Group
leader of the CAM Raleigh Urban Sketching Group
Facilitator of Artspace Figure Drawing

Participant of the 3rd International Urban Sketching Symposium in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic June, 2012